About IGAC

The International Global Atmospheric Chemistry (IGAC) Project was formed in 1990 to address growing international concern over rapid changes observed in Earth's atmosphere. IGAC operates under the umbrella of the International Geosphere Biosphere Programme (IGBP) and is jointly sponsored by the international Commission on Atmospheric Chemistry and Global Pollution (iCACGP).

What does IGAC do?

IGAC coordinates and fosters atmospheric chemistry research towards a sustainable world by facilitating international collaboration of atmospheric chemistry and multi-disciplinary research, coordinating the synthesis, assessment, and summary of research, cultivating the next generation of atmospheric chemist, and acting as the liaison between the atmospheric chemistry community and the broader Earth System Sustainability community. Although IGAC does not conduct or fund research directly, it does provide an internationally recognized "added value" to atmospheric chemistry research. IGAC aims to act as the hub of international atmospheric chemistry research and to share the communities' science with individuals, policy makers, stakeholders, and countries across the globe in order to inform individual and societal decisions that lead towards a sustainable world.

Evolution of IGAC

The first phase of IGAC, 1990-1999, focused on quantifying the pre- and post-industrial distributions of reactive trace species and determining the chemical, physical, and optical properties of aerosols. The first phase of IGAC culminated with the publications of Atmospheric Chemistry in a Changing World, Brasseur et al. (2003), which summarizes and integrates more than a decade of atmospheric chemistry research. In its second phase, 2000-2010, IGAC initiated and coordinated international research that greatly increased our understanding of the chemical composition of the troposphere, the fluxes of chemical species into and out of the troposphere, and the processes controlling the transport and transformation of chemical species within the troposphere. As IGAC enters into its third phase, it recognizes the need to develop a multi-disciplinary approach to address global sustainability and embraces that challenge by focusing its third phase on "atmospheric chemistry research towards a sustainable world".