2013 IGAC Liaisons

IGAC's initiatives, events and community span an array of disciplines, professional fields and national borders. The IGAC liaisons are representatives of organizations and research groups that share IGAC's goals and enable IGAC to perpetually facilitate and coordinate the efforts of the international atmospheric chemistry community. Many IGAC activities and events are held jointly with these organizations, and their liaisons are at the heart of our partnerships.

John P. Burrows
iCACGP Liaison
University of Bremen
Institute of Environmental Physics and Remote Sensing
Bremen, Germany

Roland von Glasow
SOLAS Liaison
University of East Anglia
School of Environmental Sciences
Norwich, UK

Alex Guenther
iLEAPS Liaison
National Center for Atmospheric Research
Atmospheric Chemistry Division
Boulder, CO, USA

Oksana Tarasova
WMO Liaison
Chief, WMO Atmospheric Environment Research Division
Geneva, Switzerland

Sybil Seitzinger
IGBP Liaison
Executive Director, IGBP
Stockholm, Sweden

Fiona Tummon
SPARC Liaison
Director, SPARC
Zurich, Switzerland