The following logos are free to download. Most logos have six different downloadable files at different resolutions and backgrounds. The Transparent background can be used on any background. White backgrounds should be used on white backgrounds and/or when the transparency aspect of the transparent background is causing problems. The guidelines for choosing the correct resolution for your desired application are as follows:

  • 72dpi: low resolution for WEB DISPLAY use only
  • 144dpi: medium resolution for all-purpose use (PRESENTATIONS or low-end PRINT)
  • 300dpi: high resolution for high-end PRINT use


International Global Atmospheric Chemistry

IGAC 72dpi transparent
IGAC 72dpi white
IGAC 144dpi transparent
IGAC 144dpi white
IGAC 300dpi transparent
IGAC 300dpi white


2014 IGAC Science Conference

Conference logo 72dpi transparent
Logo banner (scenic background)
Logo banner (white background)
Full page logo
Powerpoint template
General announcement
Conference flyer and session themes


Atmospheric Chemistry & Climate

ACC 72dpi transparent
ACC 72dpi white
ACC 144dpi transparent
ACC 144dpi white
ACC 300dpi transparent
ACC 300dpi white


Atmospheric Chemistry & Health

ACH 72dpi transparent
ACH 72dpi white
ACH 144dpi transparent
ACH 144dpi white
ACH 300dpi transparent
ACH 300dpi white


Air Ice Chemical Interactions

AICI 72dpi transparent no shadow
AICI 144dpi transparent no shadow
AICI 300dpi transparent no shadow
AICI 72dpi transparent with shadow
AICI 72dpi white with shadow
AICI 144dpi transparent with shadow
AICI 144dpi white with shadow
AICI 300dpi transparent with shadow
AICI 300dpi white with shadow


Air Pollution and Climate

AirPolClim 72dpi transparent
AirPolClim 72dpi white
AirPolClim 144dpi transparent
AirPolClim 144dpi white
AirPolClim 300dpi transparent
AirPolClim 300dpi white


Chemistry-Climate Model Initiative

CCMI 72dpi transparent
CCMI 72dpi white
CCMI 144dpi transparent
CCMI 144dpi white
CCMI 300dpi transparent
CCMI 300dpi white


DEposition of Biogeochemically Important Trace Species

DEBITS 72dpi
DEBITS 144dpi
DEBITS 300dpi


Global Emissions InitiAtive

GEIA 72dpi transparent
GEIA 72dpi white
GEIA 144dpi transparent
GEIA 144dpi white
GEIA 300dpi transparent
GEIA 300dpi white


International Biomass Burning Initiative

IBBI 72dpi transparent


Ocean - Atmosphere - Sea Ice - Snowpack

OASIS 96dpi (web, no words)
OASIS 96dpi (web, with words)
OASIS 300dpi (print, no words)
OASIS 300dpi (print, with words)


China Working Group

ChinaWG 72dpi
ChinaWG 144dpi
ChinaWG 300dpi


Americas Working Group

AmericasWG 72dpi
AmericasWG 150dpi
AmericasWG 300dpi