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International Global Atmospheric Chemistry

IGAC 72dpi transparent
IGAC 72dpi white
IGAC 144dpi transparent
IGAC 144dpi white
IGAC 300dpi transparent
IGAC 300dpi white


2016 IGAC Science Conference

Logo concept by Tania Sizer

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Atmospheric Composition and the Asian Monsoon

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Air Ice Chemical Interactions

AICI 72dpi transparent no shadow
AICI 144dpi transparent no shadow
AICI 300dpi transparent no shadow
AICI 72dpi transparent with shadow
AICI 72dpi white with shadow
AICI 144dpi transparent with shadow
AICI 144dpi white with shadow
AICI 300dpi transparent with shadow
AICI 300dpi white with shadow


Air Pollution and Climate

AirPolClim 72dpi transparent
AirPolClim 72dpi white
AirPolClim 144dpi transparent
AirPolClim 144dpi white
AirPolClim 300dpi transparent
AirPolClim 300dpi white


Chemistry-Climate Model Initiative

CCMI 72dpi transparent
CCMI 72dpi white
CCMI 144dpi transparent
CCMI 144dpi white
CCMI 300dpi transparent
CCMI 300dpi white


DEposition of Biogeochemically Important Trace Species

DEBITS 72dpi
DEBITS 144dpi
DEBITS 300dpi


Fundamentals of Atmospheric Chemistry

Fundamentals Low Resolution
Fundamentals High Resolution


Global Emissions InitiAtive

GEIA 72dpi transparent
GEIA 72dpi white
GEIA 144dpi transparent
GEIA 144dpi white
GEIA 300dpi transparent
GEIA 300dpi white


International Biomass Burning Initiative



Ocean - Atmosphere - Sea Ice - Snowpack

OASIS 96dpi (web, no words)
OASIS 96dpi (web, with words)
OASIS 300dpi (print, no words)
OASIS 300dpi (print, with words)


Tropospheric Ozone Assessment Report

TOAR Low Resolution
TOAR High Resolution


Americas Working Group

AmericasWG Low Resolution
AmericasWG High Resolution


China Working Group

ChinaWG 72dpi
ChinaWG 144dpi
ChinaWG 300dpi