In order to effectively address global change and meet economic and social goals, it must be recognized that humans are at the center of the earth system both as the key forcer of change and as the recipient of its feedbacks. In recognition of this, IGAC's mission is to coordinate and foster atmospheric chemistry research towards a sustainable world by integrating, synthesizing, guiding, and adding value to research undertaken by individual scientists through initiating new activities, acting as a hub of communication for the international atmospheric chemistry research community, and through building scientific capacity. IGAC accepts there is a need to develop a multi-disciplinary approach to address global sustainability and embraces that challenge by integrating IGAC's core activities that focus on emissions, atmospheric processes, and atmospheric composition with sustainability issues such as climate, human health, ecosystems, and how individual and societal responses feed back onto the core IGAC research-led activities. IGAC believes by viewing the Earth as a resource and one of the bases of energy and economic activities, human well-being can be sustained.