IGAC Conferences

IGAC's biennial Open Science Conferences are the primary mechanism for dissemination of scientific information across our community. The conference is held jointly with iCACGP quadrennially. A special effort is made to engage young and developing country scientists. Since 2004 we have had a Young Scientists Program as an integral part of the conference.

Upcoming IGAC Open Science Conference

2014 Natal, Brazil
22-26 September 2014

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Past IGAC Open Science Conferences

2012 Beijing, China


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2010 Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada (joint with iCACGP)

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2008 Annecy, France

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2006 Cape Town, South Africa (joint with iCACGP, WMO)

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2004 Christchurch, New Zealand
2002 Crete, Greece (joint with iCACGP)
1999 Bologna, Italy
1998 Seattle, WA USA (joint with iCACGP)
1997 Melbourne, Australia (joint with iCACGP, IAPSO)
1995 Beijing, China
1994 Fuji-Yoshida, Japan (joint with iCACGP)
1993 Eilat, Israel