Other Publications

Goldammer, J. G., Mangeon, S., Keywood, M., Kaiser, J. W., de Groot, W. J., Gunawan, D., Gan, C., and Baklanov, A. (2018). Vegetation fire and smoke pollution warning and advisory system (VFSP-WAS): Concept note and expert recommendations. GAW Report 235, World Meteorological Organization.

Time to Act Cover

IGBP/IGAC (2012). Time to Act: The Opportunity to Simultaneously Mitigate Air Pollution and Climate Change. International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme (IGBP) and International Global Atmospheric Chemistry (IGAC) Project, 6pp.

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Joint North American-European Workshop on Measurement and Modeling of Methane Fluxes from Landfills 
Smith, KA, and J Bogner. (1997). IGAC Core Project Office, Cambridge, Mass., USA, 46 pp.

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Global Measurement Standardization of Methane Emissions from Irrigated Rice Cultivation
 Sass, RL and H-U Neue (eds.) IGAC Core Project Office, Cambridge, Mass., USA, 10 pp., 1994.